Kailis Seafood

Catching, processing and selling seafood is the very core of the MG Kailis Group. Founders Michael and his wife Dr Patricia Kailis set up the company’s first processing operations in Dongara in 1961 using the proceeds from the sale of Dr Patricia’s car. They would purchase Western Rock Lobster from local fishermen, process, freeze, transport and sell the product to businesses in Perth. From these humble beginnings, the company was born. In 1963 Michael’s gaze turned further north to the Exmouth Gulf. Michael caught wind of rumours of bountiful stocks of prawns to be caught. Within months he had set up an operation opposite the Learmonth Air Force base and was harvesting and processing prawns. These are the famous Exmouth wild-caught Prawns now sold around Australian and throughout the world.

Today, MG Kailis’ seafood operation spans the globe. The company catches prawns in the Exmouth Gulf, fish from the pristine waters of Australia’s North-West and operates the only hand-caught Tropical Rock Lobster fishery in the Torres Strait. In addition, MG Kailis has been a pioneer in aquaculture, working closely with companies in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to breed and raise commercial quantities of Black Tiger prawns. The Trading Division is one of Australia’s largest importers and exporters of seafood, sourced from sustainable fisheries around the world.